SEESET is our signature efficiency software that records all information from the machine during its operation.Management can utilize this useful information such as:

- to analyze and improve productivity
- to reduce production cost
- to measure KPI

Moreover, our SEESET can also integrate data to other system e.g. MRP/ EPR.SEESET uses a wireless technology which makes process more efficient and effective. SEESET is controlled by our professional staffs to provide you a responsive consultation and support. We guarantee the ease of use and massive cost saving for you.




Software Design & Development


Our software products are fully customizable to suits customer's purpose and requirements. Our after sales service provides comprehensive services through highly qualified, professional, experienced and highly motivated staffs.

Zenalyse is up to speed on real-world database development and software design, including requirements gathering, database and user interface design, and Object-oriented design. Then before we begin programming we must discuss which database engines and APIs such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle, design tools and programming languages such as Visual Basic, Delphi, and C#. In addition, we must decide on application frameworks, components, and distributed components. Zenalyse will select the critical pieces of project planning and development, including:

1. Design and specification issues
2. Database design and theory
3. User interface design principles
4. UML and Patterns for object-oriented analysis and design
5. Utilize Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle
6. Implementation-level differences between various databases
7. Database development
8. Administration and modeling tools

IT System & Network Solution


We provide various IT & Network solution to empower the performance of business processes. Including consultants, hardware installation, network maintenance and provide hardware equipment such as

- Server
- Personal Computer and Notebook
- Switch
- Access point
- Antivirus and Security software
- Backup server
- Maintenance Service Agreement (MA), Preventive Maintenance (PM)
- License Software
We offers all types of hardware support by highly skilled engineers.

Electrical & Communication System


We professionalize in both indoor and outdoor Electrical & Communication System. Our highly experienced engineers offer design and set up system to meet all customer's requirement. Customer's objectives are met as the most safety and cost efficiently as possible our services as follows:

- Electrical system
- Communication system
- Network (LAN / UTP)
- Video cables and sound
- Closed circuit camera CCTV