Marking indelible permanently, it is engraved is. It can also correspond to the delicate request of the client because it is not off-the-shelf. Outstanding durability. Orders from a single OK

  • Standard engraved
  • Printing ring
  • Number ring
  • Engraving

Stamp Stamp Machine

Engraved there is a scene must be (embossing). There is also the embossing is not required scene. What is important is the choice of marking method. Morii will start from the place "to find the best marking means to your company."

  • Standard marking machine (embossing machine)
  • Automotive marking machine (embossing machine)
  • Steel relationship marking machine (embossing machine)
  • Container relationship marking machine (embossing machine)

Sculpture Machine

Design processing if engraving machine is best. Morii of engraving machine, high-speed rotation "30,000rpm"! Simultaneous three small engraving machine also suitable for 3D machining axis machining!

  • CNC engraving machine

Personal Plane

Such as "I want to lower the production cost," "want to reduce the people," "I want to streamline profitability", it is a machine for your help in the efficiency of the manufacturer. Marking machine, by precision technology cultivated in the engraving machine, dedicated machine of the Morii it has been active in a number of manufacturers.

  • Instrument panel insertion machine
  • Machine with tire tightening
  • Pallet for engine assembly
  • Bush press fitting machine
  • Leak Tester Machine

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